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  MIAECT Pvt. Ltd.

Unit No.112, Bldg. No. 2, Sector-3'
Millennium Business Park Mahape,

E-mail :miaect_hrd@yahoo.com

Phone:- 022-27781055/56.

Fax:- 022-27781057

Software Development
At MIAECT, we employ a very simple Development Methodology: Architect, Construct, and Deliver. You know your business better than anyone else. It’s our Job to learn everything we need to know of our client's needs, build the solution that meets those needs, and deliver that solution on time and on budget.

One of the major strengths of MIAECT lies in the area of producing quality software at low cost. Since MIAECT is working at the grass root levels of the development administration, its expertise is not limited only to software engineering but also lies in the area of implementing it in various sectors. Thus it possesses Domain knowledge as much as expertise in the field of software development.
The main features are: -
  :: Developing state-of-the-art application software customized to the User’s needs.
  :: The Application software packages are completely indigenous and User friendly.
  :: Our software packages are intended to bring the benefits of the Latest advancements in IT.
  :: Producing quality software at low cost.
Our latest software includes
Hotel Management System
MIAECT – A leading Hotel Reservation System / Hotel Management Software Company in Maharastra, India.

We are a leading travel technology company, provide integrated hotel reservation system to hotels & resorts worldwide. Our online hotel reservation software empowers your enterprise to manage online bookings quickly and effectively. Over the last few years, travel & hospitality domain has witnessed strong growth and our online hotel reservation system let you connect with global clients by providing them the unique search and book functionality. Following are the features of our online hotel booking software:

Features - General User:
Dynamic Rate Display
Multi Property Display for Chains
Google Maps for Multi Property Sites
Room + Hotel Image Gallery
Room + Hotel Description
Guest History Profiles
Online Reservation Modification
Online Cancellation
Credit Card Verification
Payment Processing
Dynamic Packaging
Confirmation by Email and SMS
Features - Administrator:
Hotel Management
Hotel Chain Management
Hotels Management
Room Info Management
Change Password
User Role & Rights
Booking Status
Cancel Booking
Check the vouchers and Invoices
Sales Report
Backend Profile Management
Staff Details
Staff Login Activation/Deactivation
Staff Booking Reports
View and search customers profiles (booking & cancellation)
Dashboard and search function for all our sub websites booking and activity
General Reports:
Inventory report
Productivity with percentage from the gross report by sales channel
Cancellation report
Cancellation Reports without charges
Void report (by Staff)
Cancellation (refund) with charges
Bookings Search with:
Voucher No
Booking Date
Check In Date
Check Out Date
Agent Id
Customer Name
& Vendor
Sales Report:
Sales - Staff
  :: Fee Collection System
  :: Total Library Management System
  :: Timetable
  :: Result Processing System.
  :: Payroll & Pay-slip for Employees.
Financial Institution Software
  • Easy to use
      Enter cash receipts, cash payments, cash transfers, journals etc. easily and securely.
      Automatically calculate interest periodically for all types of accounts.
      optionally use passbooks for selected accounts.
      Optionally print cash receipts.
      Automatically calculate management fees and penalties.
  • Low Cost
      Especially for institutions with less than 500 members/clients
  • Support
      7 days a week, by phone or email.
      Regular updates via the Internet.
  • Adaptable
      Scalable to any size institution
      Built in "Modification Request" function to allow you to request changes or additions.
      Multilingual. Change the prompts to your own language or just change them to something else.
      Allows any number of account types. loans, savings, N.O.W., Christmas Club, Fixed Deposit etc.
      Runs on Windows® 3.xx, 95, 98, 2000, me and xp
      Can be used with many back-end databases
      Accessible with Microsoft Excel®, Word®, Access® and more
      Network aware so that multiple users can access and enter data at the same time.
  • Secure
      Allows control over what each user can access. The menus change for each log on.
      Have complete data security on your own premises
  • Integration to
      Internal General Ledger
      Microsoft Excel
      Microsoft Word
  • Reports include
      Members' Statements
      Deliquency Reports
      A.T.O. Reports
      General LedgerTrial Balances
      Financial Reports
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